Saas Card Controls

This B2B2C SaaS solution enables banks to offer corporate and retail customers fully configurable, self-service card controls. Monibyte for Business helps banks show they are innovating, drives higher card usage, increases customer loyalty, reduces fraud and reduces customer service costs. For entities looking to issue credit cards but lacking the capabilities to do so, a co brand service is available to enable the emission & launch of credit cards with Monibyte for Business.

What We Do

Next level fintech services

Our system empowers corporate users to have 100% control of the usage and purchasing restrictions for their company credit cards, allowing them to decide when, how much, which currency, which days of the week, at which merchants, how often and in what geographical areas the credit or debit cards can be used.

Eliminates Fraud

When applying the restrictions, it restricts the use of the card in shops that are not allowed.

Automated Reports

It allows to generate automated reports.

Dual Approving

Assign which administrators can approve the movements.

Safe Online Shopping

Do not expose the total of your credit card by assigning an amount for the purchase of products over the internet.

Points unification

The miles of purchases made are allocated to the company's account


The Monibyte engine is fully integrated with most major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, eliminating the need for expense reports and allowing real-time data mining and reporting activities

Increase in cash flow and profitability

By reducing expenses, labor, excessive spending and fraud.


Receive by email or text message every time a purchase is made, change the settings, deny a purchase and many other functions.

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