Finovate Fall Alumni – New York 2021

IMPESA was selected to demo its Monibyte app at known. tech and finance conference, Finovate Fall, in New York City on September 13th, 2021. Invited by PROCOMER.

People over 60 are an easy target of digital scams

Unscrupulous individuals trick this vulnerable sector to give them their credit card and email PINs, key codes and passwords. In Costa Rica there are at least 800.000 people older than 60 years, according to the most recent data of INEC. If you are citizen older than 60 and use computers or digital media sometime in […]

Millennials become challenging challenge for national financial system

“Things have changed a lot and there is a generation of bankers who stayed like a sandwich between traditional and millennials. There is a new golden rule: ‘Get Some Reverse Mentoring’. This is: get one of those millennials and learn from them. See how you use your mobile device, study how you interact with your […]

Tool created in Costa Rica allows cardholders to control expenses and avoid fraud

The platform called Monibyte created in Costa Rica by the Fintech IMPESA allows companies and individuals to manage their expenses and, therefore, avoid being part of the official debt statistics. In the case of companies, they have the possibility of applying some limitations to employees who use business credit cards. And if it is a […]

Alliance between IMPESA and PayPal will boost e-commerce in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is no stranger to this reality and national stores are increasingly implementing new strategies to increase their sales and billing through e-commerce. This is why the fintech IMPESA and PayPal, the world leader in online payments, came together to give these businesses the opportunity to take better advantage of the latest trends in […]

Costa Rican SMEs have greater opportunities to innovate.

Currently, innovation has become one of the main elements that can make a small or medium company (SME) stand out from the rest of its competition and drive it to success, since it allows both people and companies interact in a highly dynamic and competitive world, in which it is necessary to be at the […]

Christopher Music joins Impesa as the new COO

Christopher Music, outstanding executive in the national and international technology sector, joined this December 13, 2018, the management team of the Fintech IMPESA. Music will hold the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IMPESA, and will be responsible for the areas of Finance, Operations and Marketing of the organization. Read more at: LA REPÚBLICA,  FACEBOOK RUMBO […]