IMPESA is an innovative Fintech company, founded in June 2013. It has offices in Costa Rica, where it started its activities with an issuing bank and later expanded to Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic. In 2016, IMPESA opened an additional office in Stamford, Connecticut, to serve a global expansion process. It is a developer of solutions and tools that provides competitive advantages to the financial sector.

It offers three products: Monibyte, Layla, Brainert and Kipo. Monibyte allows you to customize your credit card according to your convenience and integration with accounting systems (ERP). They recently developed two new Layla and Brainert products. Layla is a virtual assistant that attends the queries of her clients through Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack and others 24/7/365. Brainert is a tool for advanced analytics and machine learning solutions for the management of the credit card portfolio and the life cycle of the client. Kipo is a digital platform that allows any entrepreneur, entrepreneur, merchant or freelance to transfer money from their PayPal account to their accounts in dollars in Costa Rica.

IMPESA has the license of a principal member of Visa®. They are also Visa Developer and they use their APIs to develop solutions for banks. Some of them are: Apply controls to your credit card, locate the nearest ATM, see promotions among others.

It maintains an alliance with Equifax that allows it to carry out a validation of identity and bureau of credits of persons, through the virtual agent Layla. In this way it immediately corroborates the information provided by the person, performs the credit analysis of the applicant, and they approve credits. Thus, the loan applicant, for example, should only go to the bank to sign their operation and present the requirements indicated by the bank so that it is completely formalized, which saves a lot of time in the procedures.