Credit Card Control Firm Takes Root


Published 2:07 pm, Monday, April 24, 2017

By Keila Torres Ocasio

A Costa Rican company whose software includes the ability to control where, when and how a credit card is used this month opened its second U.S. office in Stamford.

Mario Hernández, founder and CEO of Impesa, called Stamford “one of the leading innovation districts just outside of New York City,” in a statement about the new office.

“Stamford is the perfect choice for our continued U.S. expansion,” he said.

The company opened its office in the Workpoint Center, at 290 Harbor Drive in Stamford, recently and also has an office in Orlando, Fla.

The chief marketing officer for Impesa, a Bridgeport resident who goes by the name kHyal, said when she joined the Latin American company and was looking for a local office she immediately thought of Stamford as the perfect location. “It’s the right place to bump into people who can lead to other business,” she said.

Bridgeport wasn’t considered as a possibility because it’s not attracting the financial technology companies that would allow for easy networking opportunities, said kHyal, whose legal name is trademarked.

“A short commute from Manhattan — the financial capital of the world — Stamford is home to numerous Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, has a sophisticated talent pool, and is laden with leading companies in technology, finance and innovation,” said kHyal. “The new location also provides easy access to secondary markets in Philadelphia, Boston, Providence and beyond.”

She and her husband, Karl Heine, have been involved with numerous organizations in the region for years and opened the coworking location SoNo Spaces in 2011 in Norwalk.

kHyal, who is also an artist and president of Fizz Agency in Bridgeport, joined Impesa through her connection with Cliff Wildes, who she worked with decades ago at his firm, Microtech International Inc. Wildes is now chief strategy officer at Impesa.

The company was founded by Hernandez in Costa Rica and provides a host of services to help mitigate credit card fraud by providing software that allows total control of how a card is used, kHyal said. This means a company official can limit how, where and when a credit card is used to avoid unnecessary or excessive spending. “And you can change the parameters,” she added. “As far as we know there’s no competitor in the world that does it at the level Impesa does it.”

While Impesa works with many banks and credit unions, kHyal said the software can be used by any company, big or small, and even individual consumers. “Our software is especially great for community banks,” she said. “They need reasons to have their contingency stay with them or switch to them.”

She said Jackie Lightfield, executive director of the Stamford Partnership, was instrumental in helping her connect with the Workpoint Center. “It’s a fantastic space,” kHyal said.; 203-330-6227