Founded in 2013, IMPESA is an innovator of electronic payment solutions, licensed with VISA® and MasterCard®, and compliant with all government banking and card issuer regulations. The company has developed technologies such as card integration with satellite positioning systems (GPS) for large local and multinational distribution companies that use the software to manage their fleets. These technologies are included in IMPESA’s revolutionary flagship SaaS platform, Monibyte.

IMPESA is headquartered in San José, Costa Rica with a business office in Orlando, Florida, USA.

No, all engineering, development, programming and IT is done in-house by company employees.

No, all customer service in done in-house by the company with its employees in Costa Rica.

Yes, the Monibyte software was developed in-house by IMPESA. The company owns the code and trademark, and has all necessary intellectual property protection. And, has a legal firm on retainer that handles these matters.